Frequently Asked Questions

Why do I need mechanical insulation?


Mechanical systems consume large amounts of energy to heat or cool elements, such as air and water. These are then distributed throughout the building to provide heating or cooling. During the process of getting from point A to Point B an un-insulated system can see substantial temperature/energy loss. This can result large expenditures for a business. Mechanical Insulation can reduce these energy losses and greatly reduce long term costs for the customer. Additionally, they provide acoustic dampening properties which can reduce noise pollution created through the mechanical systems.

How can I seal high traffic cable trays or conduits that need to be accessed multiple times in a buildings life cycle?


 There are several solutions available with varying levels cost and complexity.  Ask one of our fire-stopping experts for the solution that is best for your project. 

What is Fire-proofing?


Fire-proofing is a type of “passive fire protection” which involves making something resistant to fire, incombustible or containing or slowing the spread of fire.

By Applying a type of fireproofing system to certain structures, it allows them to have a “fire resistance rating”. A fire resistance rating typically means the duration for which  a passive fire protection can withstand a standard fire resistance test.

A few examples of fireproofing material we install are Cementitious, Intumescent and Thermal/Acouttical.