Firestopping Services

Our team is recognized for offering expertise in fire rating coordination and troubleshooting with the objective of turning over a safe building. This is accomplished by sealing construction joints and penetrations on fire, smoke, or acoustic separations.

Firestopping makes Fire Containment possible and compliments the Fire Detection (Alarms) and Fire Suppression (Sprinklers) components of Life Safety in a building. Installation of firestop systems restores the integrity of fire-rated floor and wall assemblies after being compromised by service penetrations and or construction joints. Our professional staff will provide the expertise required to design, install and maintain firestop systems compliant to your building design and regulatory building codes. We can assist you with a range of services throughout pre and post occupancy construction to ensure that the integrity of fire separations are established and sustained for the life of the building.

Featured projects include:

  • City of Edmonton Tower

  • Valley LRT Buildings

  • West Edmonton Mall

  • Grande Villa Casino

  • Athabasca Multiplex

  • Grande Prairie Regional Hospital

Core Products & Manufacturers

  • Caulks, Sealants, Putties, and Foam

  • Pillows, Block, and Bricks

  • Collars and Wrap Strip

  • Cast In-place Devices

  • Protective Wraps

  • High Traffic Cable Devices

  • Non-Rated Smoke and Acoustical Products

  • Specified Technologies Inc (STI)

  • Hilti

  • 3M

  • Rockwool

  • Emseal


  • Through Penetrations

  • Curtain Wall Firestop

  • Joint Construction Seals

  • Electronic Barrier Management

  • Engineered Judgements

Certifications & Associations

  • STI Master Contractor

  • Hilti Accredited Firestop Speciality Contractor

  • FCIA Member – Firestop Contractors International Association

Firestopping FAQ

Find answers to the most common questions we get about our firestopping services.

How Can I Seal High Traffic Cable Trays Or Conduits That Need Future Access?2020-12-25T19:08:27+00:00

There are several solutions available with varying levels cost and complexity.  Ask one of our firestopping experts for the solution that is best for your project.

What Is Firestopping?2021-01-08T00:49:10+00:00

Firestopping is the process of restoring the hourly fire resistance rating to a barrier that has subsequently lost its rating due to an opening being created in it. This is typically observed in a wall or floor assembly. A rating can be restored through various types of manufactured devices and sealant products.

Is There A Way To Firestop Openings Containing Multiple Types Of Piping?2021-01-08T00:49:57+00:00

There are firestop solutions for all types of scenarios. However, the specifics of the opening, i.e. pipe material, opening size, etc., must meet specific parameters in which the products have been tested to by a recognized testing agency.

What Is Intumescent Firestopping Material?2021-01-11T23:07:56+00:00

Intumescent materials expand when a specific temperature threshold is reached. Some intumescent products are tailored to allow expansion through a single or multiple staged approach. Intumescent materials are commonly used in both firestopping and fireproofing applications.

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